Momo — More Monitoring Action in the EU
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Discover our escape games

Here you can find two escape games. They include most of the content of the project.

Through gamification, they make the MoMoEU-themes easily accessible, and motivate young people to engage in it, in a playful way

We suggest playing the games within a broader educational path, as well as discussing with youth the results and challenges faced in the games. 

For both games, there is a short guide available to assist youth workers in structuring the activities. Average playtime: 20 minutesThe games can be played individually or in small groups, on laptops, tablets or mobile phones. No registration is required.

The sports dilemma - Monitoring yourself

Your volleyball team is on track for the finals, but a series of challenges stand in the way and you will have to make some tough choices. Which values will you follow? And with which outcomes?

In this escape game questions about integrity, conflict of interest, and power dynamics are at stake. The participants question themselves and come face to face with many ethical dilemmas.

Keep it clean, Bront! - Monitoring the common good

The river in your town Bront is in a very bad condition. Fish are dying, there are strange foams on the surface and bad smells. But it hasn't always been like this...Can you find out what happened and save the river?

In this escape game, a civic monitoring action is simulated from A to Z. Participants follow clues to collect data, complete FOIA requests, structure campaigns and engage the population.